About Us

Our main concern is to market textile products of specific nature that are significant to the world market within Europe.
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From Brand Development to Distribution

Apparel Partners develops brands such as “Miss Perfect” and “Skin Wrap” and assists companies in preparation and market entrance to Europe. We create brand specific marketing analyses and resulting strategies while locating corresponding distribution channels. Hereby we like to integrate brands and/or products into existing distribution teams.

A Platform for Success

During the past years we were able to develop a widely branched network. Established distribution channels, TV shopping and E-commerce are already integrated. This infrastructure , specialized on textiles, is used for our brands and by our partners and customers. Apparel Partners is anxious to expand and optimize this network. We offer excellent IT-equipment and a customized network of specialists for varying IT-demands which enables us to connect via EDI or B2B platforms with our key customers. We continually invest to keep up with the technical progress to retain a high level.

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It is our goal to connect all necessary elements such as product, product specifications, manufacturers, and distribution channels appropriately to achieve lasting success. Our services are focused on long-term and continuous cooperation to achieve goals and develop them profitably. To realize the intended success we cooperate with regional representatives, agencies and importers in a strong network and exhibit in corresponding trade fairs.

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Working together, working better.

At the end of our work is always the human being. Every day our services are provided by people working in a unique network. We hereby attempt to involve every individual and are very proud of our close cooperation with the sheltered workshop GPS in Jever, Germany.

Our Principles. Our Pillars.

We have no secret recipe for success. Our success is based on fundamental matters that are of great importance to us: fair cooperation, professionality, outstanding contacts and never lose sight of our customers.

Fair Cooperation

Be it with customers, suppliers or our personal: we focus on fair and sustainable cooperation with all participants.

Expertise & Contacts

We proudly look back at 12 years of successful working relationship with our most important branch customers. Our expertise and contacts in terms of undergarment and lingerie are based on even longer experience.

Customer Demands

The core of our daily business is always the customer’s wish. Being aware of this and analyzing customer feedback substantially enables us to remain present on the market and makes further entrepreneurial development possible.